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Civil Contractors Federation SA


The Civil Contractors Federation (South Australian Branch) has 550 company members who in turn employ up to 20,000 South Australians.

Members are involved in a variety of projects and activities (from small to very large) including the development and maintenance of civil or “horizontal” infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sewer, water and drainage pipelines, dams, wharves, commercial and housing land development. Members are also involved in the preparatory works for mining and other resource developments.

South Australia’s prosperity is dependent upon functional, efficient and cost effective civil infrastructure. Healthy, well-functioning and productive countries depend on infrastructure that civil contractors construct and maintain. Civil contractors play a prime role in working with both public sector and private sector clients in infrastructure delivery. This is the business of civil construction which has historically played a pivotal role in the growth and prosperity of South Australia.



The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) is the member based representative body of civil engineering contractors in Australia, providing assistance and expertise in contractor development and industry issues.