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Interview with Darryl Gobbett, Chief Economist, Baillieu Holst, on what the current situation of TAFE means for SA.

Gobbett says the issue strikes at the heart of SA economy and community because inadequate training will not only affect that one person, but also the jobs and the community relying on his/her skills. He thinks there should be a public inquiry, so the Registered Training Organisation can reveal what it actually takes to do the training to fill the gap. Byner asks Gobbett how does he think the Minister [Susan Close] can help best the students. He understands there are 80,000 students that currently use TAFE and it is a fair bet that a reasonable proportion of them are not being serviced properly. Gobbett says the Motor Traders Association and Civil Train SA, the RTO for the Civil Contractors Federation, do a lot of training apprenticeships. He also wonders if Tourism SA has spoken to TAFE about how they will deal with the influx of Chinese tourists to the state given the situation.

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