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Interview with Phil Sutherland, CEO, Civil Contractors Federation

Pantelis recalls earlier interview with Stephen Mullighan, Transport Minister, regarding road funding and the tram extension that doesn’t turn east from King William to North Terrace. He says the government’s decision is short-sighted and Sutherland agrees wholeheartedly. He thinks the government should work on further making the tram effective, economic, and less time consuming, given that nowadays, systems are more advanced and sophisticated. He says there’s no point in progressing with a stop-car tram system because it doesn’t reflect modern transportations infrastructure. Meanwhile, Pantelis asks Sutherlands’ opinion regarding Liberal Oppositions’ statement on regional road funding. Sutherlands thinks more money should be spent on regional roads and infrastructure and it is encouraging to see the Liberals take on the issue with utmost importance. He adds that he’s in now way saying that Labor is not doing anything for SA, but if there’s a probability of change in government, he’d like to see the current investment continue rather than being scrapped.

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