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Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Contractors Federation SA

Q: I have sent many Letters of Demand, reminders, emails, and phone calls to get paid: Why doesn’t this Work?

A: This doesn’t work because it does not cause your debtor any discomfort and does not create leverage for you. That is, the only price your debtor is paying for not paying you, is having to read your emails and ignore your phone calls. In exchange the debtor gets your work for free. The way around that is to start making your debtor uncomfortable by starting Security of Payment adjudication or some other formal process to get them uncomfortable and having to spend time and money to avoid payment. Now you have created a motivated debtor who wants to pay you to get rid of you!

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Civil Contractors Federation (CCF SA) is an industry association that promotes, protects and represents companies and other organisations with business interest in civil (construction) contracting. The CCF SA helps its Members obtain more work, work more effectively and make more money.