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Road needs work

CONCERNED Robe resident Jacqui Bateman believes the state of one road near Robe needs immediate attention.

Adam Smith from the Civil Contractors Federation of South Australia (CCF SA) visited Robe on Tuesday.

He had been contacted by Ms Bateman about the very poor condition of a 4050km narrow stretch of road about 5-10km north of Claywells towards Kingston that B-doubles and semi-trailers use on a regular basis.

The road is narrow and with a number of corners on the road the B-double truck wheels and their trailers are forced to veer off the road to get around them.

In wet weather, the wheel ruts are filled with water and mud.

There are no road shoulders, just muddy grassed areas with the potential to tip a semi or B-double using it.

Ms Bateman said: “I would like to know the revenue generated from agriculture, viticulture and fishing in this area.

“I would imagine it would be quite a substantial amount generated from this area for the state and I want to know how much money is actually being put back into this area on infrastructure and roads.

“This particular stretch of road which is about 25km needs to be widened, a shoulder needs to be added and we need white markings on the edges.

“It’s just plain dangerous and its condition is nothing short of a disgrace.

“Also, the numerous culverts being so close to the road are an accident waiting to happen but I was told that due to the cost of having them widened, nothing would happen until there was more fatalities, thus making it a priority. I’m not prepared to wait for more fatalities before the government spends a bit of money on infrastructure to makes our roads safer.

“They spend countless dollars on their campaigns regarding road safety, drink driving and drug driving when they are actually falling down in their responsibility to keeping the roads safe for us to drive on.” Continued page 4

Road needs urgent upgrade ROADS Robe CONTINUED from page 1 “A couple of years ago at a Country Cabinet in Robe, I asked Jay Weatherill how much revenue was generated from this region from agriculture, fishing and viticulture but he couldn’t answer, he said he didn’t know.

“While a huge amount of money is poured into the city infrastructure, the o-bahn, bus ways, which saves three minutes off the daily commute, the state government is dropping our speed limits down on the roads around here instead of improving them.

“This will actually increase our commute times and I believe it will just contribute to driver fatigue.

“I would say there would be more cases of driver fatigue and more chances accidents happening through the speed limit being reduced.

“It was also stated that the speed reduction was to reduce fatalities.

“I can’t remember the last fatality recorded, on one of the roads earmarked.

“It just seems like its the easy way out – reduce speed limits rather than improve the roads.”

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