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SA should spend more on infrastructure

Interview with Nine News political reporter Rory McClaren on SA politics.
Hickey says a paper from the Civil Contractors Federation shows that SA should spend more on infrastructure. McClaren says he just heard from Adrian Hart, who was in the office of the paper that was released today by the Civil Contractors Federation. He says they are pushing the idea that the civil contract spending needs to be boosted in SA over the forward estimates. Hickey then talks about the bank tax. McClaren says the SA Premier and the Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis are walking away from the bank tax and it is not going to get through the Legislative Council after being blocked by the Australian Conservatives and John Darley. He says Koutsantonis is definitely flagging the fact that there will be expenditure efficiencies, which will be found in the mid-year budget review that should be delivered by next month.

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