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Yes, but what are you actually doing about the road trains

GREATER heavy vehicle access through major Riverland towns will pose a safety risk to local communities and is another State Government “Band- Stephen Mullighan said the

the increased traffic on the road now that the trains have stopped.

“I know they (DPTI) say it is for safety, but there are no overtaking lanes between

Anger over new local freight route.

Heavy load

the Loxton access

l Murray Pioneer, 22/9/17 Berri resident, Murray Pioneer reader and truck licence holder MICHAEL LODER has penned the following view on the State Government’s controversial move to allow B-triples and road trains through the Moorook and Loxton townships, and local response to the decision.

SARA Gilligan reported on September 22 that Loxton Waikerie Mayor Leon Stasinowsky had “slammed” the recent decision for enormous road trains to now trundle dangerously through Moorook and Loxton streets (‘Anger over new local freight route’, Murray Pioneer).

Fair go, Leon.

You knew about this looming disaster three months ago and your only response then was to just write a letter to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

How interesting the DPTI did not respond at all and that Leon’s council did not agitate a bit more with a firm phone call or two, perhaps using Pauline Hanson’s famous catchline.

Just to be clear, this decision re-routes megasize trucks from the Sturt Highway at Kingston-On- Murray past the Loxton playground and past local pensioners in gophers shopping near the top of the main street roundabout.

It will mean trucks with 650hp diesel engines, pulling 70 tonnes on three separate trailers over 35m long, will have to firstly stop all of that weight at the Loxton High School crossing, then noisily resume progress, most likely affecting the quality of teaching instruction during these times.

After lumbering through the Loxton streets, these bitumen behemoths will eventually divert off the Loxton-Berri road to Yamba.

This decision will be in place now for years until either Paringa Bridge is replaced or a new bridge is built across the Lyrup flats.

All the while, no vehicles will be able to overtake them from the Kingston turn-off through Moorook and Loxton, and even onto Yamba, as there are no overtaking lanes planned to support this wondrous move.

ON that note, if we simply only replace Paringa Bridge, then all these road trains will instead of coming through Moorook and Loxton trundle down the existing Sturt Highway from the Monash bypass turn-off into Renmark.

Parents with little kids in family sedans visiting Maccas and KFC will have to negotiate the road outside with huge road trains normally only seen on the way to the Northern Territory.

As the name suggests, road trains are very, very big and


Enter- tainmentandstalls

local mayor.

Di s t r ict Council of Loxton Waikerie Mayor Leon Stasinowsky slammed Wednesday’s announcement to allow 35-metre road trains access down Kingston Road and through Moorook and

freight costs.

“We have been working closely with farmers and regional transport operators to make changes which cut supply-chain costs, improving productivity and saving money,” he said.

people will be driving frustrated. “I understand the benefits to rural farmers, but how long will it be until these B-triples can drive down residential streets as well?” A $25 million upgrade are rather difficult to stop in a short distance for emergencies, just like their namesakes that travel on rails.

So, Loxton’s problem now could also become Renmark’s concern down the track.

The antique structure of the Paringa bridge blocks National Highway 1 with its single lane chicane entrance either side and we should replace it urgently.

Our local (Liberal) member Tim Whetstone and our national (Liberal) Senator Anne Ruston have been asked in this forum for their thoughts on replacement.

Similar to Leon Stasinowsky waiting patiently for a response from the DPTI, we heard nothing back from Tim (still in opposition of course, here in SA), or more importantly from Anne at federal level (who is not in opposition).

To be fair, in response to Loxton’s dilemma hosting the new regional freight route, Tim insinuated (Murray Pioneer, 26/9/17) that the state of the Kingston Bridge was also now in question.

Really? Do tell us more, Tim.

The ridiculous waffle in another article about this freight route deviation enhancing farmers’ access to markets was pure tripe while avoiding the real elephant in the room: that they are simply too big and heavy for the dilapidated old bridge at Paringa.

NATIONAL heavy vehicle operators will also be immensely pleased they

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Loxton townships, calling it a “quick fix” for infrastructure problems.

“It’s just like dropping the speed limit on the Brown’s Well Highway to save lives, without improving the infrastructure which is causing the problem,” Mr Stasinowsky said.

“Diverting these bigger, heavier trucks through Moorook and Loxton to avoid infrastructure like the Paringa Bridge is a danger to the communities. Especially the highly built-up Loxton township, with its busy intersections.

“These B-doubles and B-triples will pass the high school, Orana and aged care residents, and we have a big playground frequently used by children near the roundabout, which is hazardous.

“The trucks are also noisy and will knock the road into disrepair.”

T r a n s p o r t a n d Infrastructure Minister

“This significant expansion of higher productivity vehicle networks in the Riverland and Outback will help to deliver economic benefits to the livestock and meat-processing industries, as well as farmers, wine grape growers and other freight transporters and primary producers.

“These projects are a demonstration of how small improvements to the freight network can save the agricultural industry many millions of dollars.”

However, Mr Stasinowsky said council was “disappointed” by what he claimed was a lack of consultation in making the changes.

“We wrote to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) three months ago when the route was first planned, but we never heard anything back,” he said.

“Council has already received complaints about

of the Sturt Highway is currently underway, including bridge widening, strengthening, barrier upgrades, intersection upgrades, overtaking lanes and shoulder sealing. When complete, vehicles up to 36.5 metres long will be able to travel the full length of the Sturt Highway to the Victorian border. “With all these upgrades supposedly happening these trucks should bypass the towns,” Mr Stasinowsky said.

“We need a bridge over the river to connect the national highway at Lyrup or at Spring Cart Gully.

“At the end of the day, the safety of our residents is paramount.” The Murray Pioneer understands council representatives will meet with DPTI chief executive officer Michael Deegan to discuss the new freight route when he visits the region in coming weeks.

have to now deviate off the 110km/h Sturt Hwy (National Highway 1) at Kingston-On- Murray.

They will enjoy a lengthy scenic route through numerous 60km/h speed limits and negotiate various towns and quiet streets, along with elderly country retirees driving little white cars, that will surely test their abilities, if not their insurance.

All the while their diesel fuel use is escalating. So, how does all that insulate burgeoning regional freight costs?

EARLIER this year I asked Premier Jay Weatherill of Labor’s plans for a bridge replacement and unlike Leon, I actually got a written response within a few weeks.

There are indeed developed plans to replace Paringa Bridge, if we are prepared of course to wait for about 15 or more years before this might happen.

You can find it all here as part of Minister Stephen Mulligan’s response to my queries: http://www.dpti. pdf_file/0009/167544/ ITLUP_Murray_and_ Mallee_Region.pdf Loxton residents might be suitably crushed when they see the timeframe for a Paringa Bridge replacement is only after the planned construction of the new Truro bypass.

The list chronologically notes that Truro will get a bypass first, Renmark bypass possibly next and lastly a Paringa Bridge replacement.

No mention of a new bridge across the Lyrup flats joining up the existing National Highway 1 Monash bypass with Yamba (avoiding all towns and maintaining 110km/h) which makes much more sense.

By comparison and not so fair at all, Murray Bridge is

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Council of Loxton Waikerie Mayor Leon Stasinowsky has raised safety concerns following announcement of a new freight route through and Moorook this week. INSET: From this 35-metre B-triple road trains can now a new freight route down Kingston Road. MAIN PHOTO: Christian Longobardi being considered for “duplication” of the Swanport bridge, meaning they will get a third bridge across the Murray.

That will cement the Duke’s Highway as the premier freight route to the eastern states into the future, when Paringa Bridge eventually suffers an untimely closure (remember the Blanchetown bridge?) and there is no other alternative.

A STATE election is coming like a freight train next March (forgive the obvious metaphor), so I again ask the relevant politicians to respond publicly in this forum.

Please advise your thoughts about a Paringa Bridge replacement and more importantly a brand new Lyrup flats bypass bridge. Are they right up there at the top of the to do list for Liberal governments at both state and federal level?

Tell us how many jobs that might generate locally, for the short and long term, and how much flow-on capital could be expected to invigorate local contractors and businesses.

We need to hear about what you’re actually going to do right now about re-routed road trains demolishing Loxton’s main streets and the State Labor Government’s apparent lack of plans (within the next five years at least) to replace the Paringa Bridge.

Given the timely MP editorial recently about Tim Whetstone now facing real opposition next April from the newly endorsed Labor candidate and a Team Xenophon candidate yet to be identified (‘Bet on Chaffey race being closer’, Pioneer, 19/9/17), perhaps it’s prudent we also hear from those parties offering to represent us next April about their particular solutions for these issues.

” We need to hear about what you’re going to

do right now about re-routed road trains

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