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COVID is having a significant impact on our community, requiring everyone to adapt in different ways. This can be challenging and may have a range of impacts on yours and your teams mental health and wellbeing.

COVID can affect people through isolation from loved ones and usual supports, changes to normal daily routines, changes to or loss of work, difficult financial situations, as well as anxiety about becoming unwell. As we adjust to life with COVID in the community it’s important to go gently and look after our own mental wellbeing and that of those around you.

If you’re feeling anxious or worried during this time, you’re not alone. It’s common to feel some anxiety during periods of change or uncertainty, and in some cases, it can be helpful to make plans and prepare.

Below are some links to resources for you to look over when you feel you may need some extra support. 

  • SA Health information for people insolation. Click here to view
  • 10 tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19→ Click here to view
  • MyCompass brochure → free online tool that can help you identify unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and learn strategies to deal with them. Click here to view
  • Superfriend Wellbeing check-in and action plan → free, confidential module to check-in on your wellbeing, get tips on managing your mental health and make your own self-care action plan during these challenging times Click here to view
  • Managing your mental health online during COVID-19 brochure  → A great comprehensive list of resources services and apps. Click here to view

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In closing you can be assured the CCF SA is covering your back and doing everything possible to support our Members during the health emergency. There is nothing truer today than ‘the CCF SA is here for you’


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