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I want to say again, hats off to CCF SA Members for keeping their business operational in the face of the uncertainty generated by the health emergency. The last few weeks has seen some very fine leadership. It is very pleasing to note that the infection transmission has come to a standstill – and will stay that way so long as we all keep to the infection control protocols. We can anticipate a slow, incremental lifting of restrictions based on the level of risk.      

CCF SA is represented at the highest levels of government - As a member of the Premier’s Industry Response and Recovery Council I am pressing home the point that the Civil sector has the capacity to leverage the proven economic stimulus and job creating potential of public and private investment in infrastructure. I have also made it very clear that the Civil sector has considerable capacity to undertake more work and in doing so employ more people.

I am pleased to advise you that I have also been appointed to the State Government’s COVID-19 Infrastructure Recovery Committee (chaired by the CEO of Infrastructure SA). This committee has the task of identifying, recommending and coordinating infrastructure projects across government that will facilitate the social, economic and environmental recovery of the state. Civil companies will be central to this effort. Members can be assured that a pipeline of government work (state-wide with projects of all sizes) is forming and coming to market via streamlined contracting processes.

Government support - Members are advised to check regularly on the support mechanisms being put in place to support business. A good reliable summary of government information can be found at

Make sure your business is on the SA Products and Services Register: The SA Product + Services Register is an online directory where all South Australian Businesses can profile their business at no cost and these businesses are promoted to State Government Agencies and Prime Contractors who can search for your business by product category and geographic area and find your business with the click of one button. Click Here to register your business.

The Department of Prime Minster and Cabinet have published an online planning tool to help business develop a plan to keep their workers, customers and the community safe as they reopen or increase their activities in the the weeks and months ahead.  Click Here for more information. 

Work Health and Safety and the Virus - While there are many facets of civil construction where it is easier than others to minimise the transfer of the virus infection, the attention of Members is directed to the Safe Work Australia advisory: Minimising the risk of exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19) in the building and construction industry CLICK HERE  Social distancing should be adhered to as best as reasonably practicable. Be mindful and be safe. If not already, Site Safety Management Plans should be updated to include COVID-19. It is also suggested that a ‘hand wash point’ be established on entry of sites, for all personnel and visitors. Also, a reminder that normal safety measures should be maintained, don’t lose focus on your existing safety policies.

Employment Law. A reminder that State and Federal laws must continue to be complied with. Click Here to see an outline of your continuing legal obligations to employees during this public health emergency.

Your IT and the Internet. There has been a massive spike in attacks on company IT assets. Many of these are headed or characterised as URGENT NOTICE ABOUT CORONA VIRUS. Make sure your staff know not to open suspicious emails, and assess your capability to defend against, and if necessary, recover from cyber-attack.  Beware - there is also lots of fake news appearing on the various social media platforms. Inform your staff about this.

CCF SA’s Civil Train continues to operate with strict infection control protocols. It is very important to the government that education and training continues. Civil Train courses and programs do and can take place at worksites. Compliance with client infection control protocols will also be adhered to. For more information about Civil Train courses and programs please contact 8111 8000.

CCF SA’s Group Training Organisation (GTO) ‘Civil Apprenticeships and Careers’ continues to operate. Apprentices and host employers are still being recruited. There are now additional government financial incentives to take on and retain apprentices. There will be a future and our industry will benefit from skilled people coming through our apprenticeship program. Why not be known as a company prepared to make an investment in the future of our amazing Civil industry, and take on a Civil apprentice of your choice? Our GTO is the employer and you will be the host. Please contact Rebecca for more information or mobile 0417 767 688.

Webinars to keep you informed - This week CCF SA hosted a webinar about the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Packages. Presented by Brentalls SA, this webinar covered the Job Keeper Allowance, Asset Depreciation advantages and boosting cash flow for employers. If you were unable to attend CLICK HERE for a recording of the webinar. We will be hosting various webinars moving forward, with topics ranging from Aboriginal Engagement, return to Work SA, Delayed Claims, CCF Code Version 10 and more. If there is a topic that you would like more information on or a presenter and topic that you would like to see, please contact Melissa

The Defence Force has commenced a stimulus works program to support SMEs during the current economic downturn. The intent is to support businesses so they can maintain employment and keep businesses sustainable. Defence is looking to establish a panel of vendors across seven (7) work categories (Civil Services is one of them). Once on the panel, vendors can quote on a range of works, noting the intent is value not volume. The ability to conduct work safely is a priority under this program. CLICK HERE to download more information, and details on how to register.

Easing of restrictions - On the 16th April, the State Government announced that some restrictions are eased. Those relevant to our industry are:

Fly in Fly Out / Drive in Drive Out workers are able to enter the state without self-quarantining for the 14day period, provided each worker can provide documentation from their employer stating their purpose for travel, with dates. The employer must also apply risk mitigation strategies during periods of work. Prohibited Gatherings – 10 people or 4sqm per person rule no longer applies to office buildings, factories, laboratories or testing facilities, repair or maintenance premises (such as vehicle mechanic workshops), mining or construction sites or waste disposal or processing facilities necessary for the normal operation of those premises.

CCF on the National stage - Recently, we asked you on behalf of CCF National to complete a survey regarding COVID19 and the effects on our industry. We thank those that took the time to complete this. To view the survey report CLICK HERE. To view the media release from CCF National relating to the report, CLICK HERE.  Your voice does matter.

Don’t forget you are not on your own. Human contact may have reduced but we are still in this together. The CCF SA is a large, diverse, collegiate of good people. We have a proud history of working together and supporting each other in challenging times. If you need a hand from your CCF SA, in the first instance please give Melissa a call on 0455 206 528 or email

CCF SA has begun fortnightly Check-in’s where all Members are invited for a coffee and conversation in a face to face virtual environment to discuss how we are all navigating the different circumstances we are now presented with, and how CCF SA can assist you where we can.  The next one will be held on Tuesday 19th May at 4pm. Keep an eye on your emails for the link to access the Check-in or contact Melissa for more information.

Not a CCF SA Member – CCF SA Membership is open to all companies and other organisations with business interests in civil construction. If you have found the work of the CCF SA of value, you may wish to consider becoming a Member and enjoy the full range of benefits available to Members. Further information is available from Melissa on or 0455 206 528.

In closing you can be assured the CCF SA is covering your back and doing everything possible to support our Members during the health emergency. There is nothing truer today than ‘the CCF SA is here for you’

Stay safe,


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      The peak industry and business association representing companies and other organisations with business interests in civil construction. 

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