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dawn of another era with new strategic vision

We are champions of an industry that isn’t for the faint hearted. 

We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, in fact, we love it.

Dust in our veins, mud in our eyes…

No other industry digs as deep as we, as you do.

We know how hard it is out there, we know it is bloody heart wrenching.

You don’t just fight commercial realities you battle with the elements (literally).

We hear what you are saying, and we are here to be your voice to ensure you have what you need.

We can train our workforce and build our numbers – make it diverse, inclusive, young, old and everything in between, and we will speak your voice.

Our business, our careers, our youth must be supported to maintain confidence to keep providing for our GREAT State. We are your biggest advocate and backer.

Guests of the recent riveting CCF SA’s The Great Infrastructure Debate between political foes The Honourable Corey Wingard, MP and The Honourable Tom Koutsantonis, MP heard this message from CEO Rebecca Pickering. 

Acknowledging the $17.9 Billion to industry spend on State projects over the next 4 years, Pickering is confident everyone can prosper and benefit from making good decisions. She wants people to not only understand what the industry does, but what it contributes to the health of SA’s economy.

LOOKING BACK: Challenges include procurement/project delays, unreasonable contract terms, unfair risk allocation, unfulfilled IPP targets, ageing workforce, long payment terms, an ‘us and them’ work culture, workforce lacking qualification, and occupations not listed on the ABS.

NOW: Projects are getting bigger, we are embracing technology to be smarter, more inspiring, diverse and inclusive, and nurturing our workforce into the future with the launch of CACL’s civil apprenticeships so they can be mentored by industry leaders and tap into the vast career prospects.

The civil industry provides the basics we can’t live without: INFRASTRUCTURE: roads, bridges, airstrips, pipelines, drainage, ports, jetties. Land development and earthmoving that underpins our residential and commercial building construction industries like hospitals, high rise buildings, stadiums and schools, and the provision of services and utilities which all households and businesses rely on like power, water, communication channels, and gas.

According to Pickering, as a magnet for investment into SA, the industry is also an employment drawcard that supports our businesses, economy, and community.

CCF SA is adapting to the changing needs of our industry – with a NEW strategic vision.

To view the Strategic Plan in full: CLICK HERE

This strategic vision serves to Advocate (for everyone in the industry), Engage (our members) Provide (training through Civil Train and Civil Apprenticeships and Careers Limited) and Create (The next generation of civil contractors through our Group Training Organisation).

With the State Election looming, CCF SA has collaborated with stakeholders on an election wish list outlined in the ‘Digging Deep’ document that encapsulates five priorities: Infrastructure Constructors Forum, Workforce, Procurement Reform, Equitable Fair and Everyone South Australian Must Benefit.

Pickering notes that our future is brighter and better as we move to collaborate deeper and with greater transparency, certain that with the recent uncertainties, we can do things creatively to achieve greater outcomes.

She urges people to reject mediocrity and complacency. Instead, be a voice and a part of the thriving CCF SA family.

So, talk to us. Now.

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